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Ayurvedic Repair Organic Serum Face Mask


Why Choose Our Ayurvedic Repair Organic Face Mask?

The beauty of our Ayurvedic Repair Organic Serum Face Mask is the power of it's intense skin health benefits. Our ingredients are reflected in ancient Ayurvedic rituals to help repair and nourish tired, exhausted dry skin with over 10 Actives:


Babchi – nature's natural retinol, has retinol benefits without the negative side effects of retinol. 

Aloe Vera – dramatically increases the water content of the outermost layer of skin. 

Triphala – one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory Ayurveda formulas. 

Marine Brown Algae- softens, hydrates and soothes skin.

Ginger Root – contains 40 antioxidant compounds and toning properties. 

Magnolia – centuries-old ingredient used in ancient medicinal recipes, magnolia helps protect against free radicals and reduces small wrinkles, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, giving skin a firmer, fresher, and youthful appearance. 

Snow Mushroom – rich in fatty acids, vitamins A (natural retinol), C, and D, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, a magic mushroom for moisture.

Versicolor (Turkey Tail) Mushroom - helps stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, allowing for better blood flow and improved cellular DNA and younger looking skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe
  • Triphala
  • Ginger Root
  • Babchi
  • Magnolia
  • Marine Brown Algae
  • Turmeric
  • Snow Mushroom
  • Versicolor (Turkey Tail) Mushroom

Key Benefits

  • Rejuvenates dehydrated skin 
  • Repairs, de-aging
  • Anti- Inflammation
  • Cools & calms
  • Chemical-free skin barrier protection
  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, B12
  • Calcium, amino acids, enzymes & proteins

Our Organic Repair Serum Mask has been developed from ancient beauty recipes and made of living plants and their extracts. Designed for dry to oily skin, with the innate wisdom of the natural world and the wisdom of our ancient Indian ancestors, to give life to our skin in the most powerful way.For all skin types.

dhyāna ध्यान 

Restore ∙ Hydrate ∙ Nourish ∙ Treat ∙ Protect

Shop for yourself while benefiting your community and your world, with each purchase Ancient India gives to vulnerable women and children in need.

Clinical Studies

As per clinical studies conducted by the British Journal of Dermatology 2019, the authors concluded that when comparing Babchi (or Bakuchi) to Retinol results showed both ingredients exhibited a significant decrease in the appearance of fine lines with improved appearance of hyperpigmentation after 12 weeks. 

While both showed impressive results, the study stated that Babchi accomplished the results without the harsh skin irritation, redness, and scaling, often associated with the use of Retinol.

Free From

Fragrances, irritants, DEA, heavy metals, talc, gluten, GMOs, parabens, synthetic fragrance, sulfates (SLS & SLES), silicones, heavy metals, talc, and petrolatum/paraffin/mineral oil

Apply onto clean skin. Our thin clear Ayurvedic face mask is ideal when applied in abundance (7-8 drops) and left on as an overnight mask; it is a favorite of founder, Rachel Roy used this way. 3-4 drops can also be layered as the base to all other Ancient India products at night when maximum hydration, repair, and protection are needed OR used as a daytime mask and removed after 20 minutes for quick injections of extreme hydration. Expect the organic aloe to be slightly sticky which allows you to know it is pure and potent.

After removing, follow with our Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid Serum Face Lift Drops and the Intense Hydration Squalane Face Crème to lock in key ingredients and protect the skin barrier.

Developed from ancient beauty recipes, made of living plants or their extracts, the leave-on mask deeply nourishes while restoring with Ayurvedic herbs that help repair from the inside out.

Your skin’s daily moment of health awakening, dhyāna ध्यान

Aqua, Glycerin*, Hyaluronic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate / Pentylene Glycol / Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract, Sodium Alginate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Zingiber Officinals Roscoe (Ginger Root) Extract*, Triphala (Emblica Officinalis / Terminalia Chebula / Terminalia Belerica) Extract*, Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract*, Trametes Versicolor Mushroom Extract*, Psoralea Corylifolia (Babchi) Seed Extract*

*Denotes organically produced ingredient

WARNING - For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

What 100+ Test Subjects Experienced With Our Ayurvedic Face Mask

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Customer Reviews

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My favourite from the line! My skin is visibly less saggy. My whole life, I've had what seemed like a round face structure because of excess skin from gaining weight. My natural square shaped face is square again!


Skin is brighter and smoother.


The mask made my skin feel plumper and firmer.


My skins looks a little tighter, and has a much better feel over all.


I like the repair mask because it's not complicated. I just need to apply it at night, and the next day my skin feels healthier and brighter.

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