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Skin Health:
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The aim at Ancient India, has always been to make the most powerful skincare from the earth's most powerfully potent and astonishing ingredients, combined with up to the minute science- to achieve optimum skin health. I believe that for balanced heart, mind and skin health, doing for others is a fundamental role in our well-being. I believe you can not have an age-less, time-less mind or spirit without it.

In The Telomere Effect, Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel sum up the most crucial steps you can take to protect your telomeres (cells that determine how we age). Here are some highlights:

Protect how we age: Stress
Make changes to reduce sources of persistent, intense stress.
Approach stressful events as challenges rather than threats.
Be more compassionate to yourself and to others.
Take up activities that make you feel restored.
Practice thought awareness and mindfulness.

Protect how we age: Lifestyle
Be active.
Develop a sleep ritual for better, longer sleep.
Eat mindfully to reduce overeating.
Choose healthful whole foods.
Disconnect from screens for part of the day.
Cultivate a few good, close relationships.
Spend time in nature.

Protect how we age: Community
Promote connections within your neighborhood.
Improve prenatal care.
Protect children from violence and other traumas.
Reduce inequality.
Clean up toxic pollutants.
Make fresh, healthy, affordable food available to everyone.

For me, a community of give back with a mission for good, has always been at the heart of every company I have founded. I would not care to create a company without it benefitting others. With each bottle of Ancient India Skincare sold, profits goes toward vulnerable women and children and communities in great need. With each sale we put towards helping organizations that serve to protect, feed, house and shelter ones that most need help. As we grow, so does our give back and so does our commitment to serving others.

As we look to the future of Ancient India we will set up our own foundation for serving these communities. As these beginning stages of growth occur, we are partnering with organizations that do the hardest work protecting the most vulnerable.

“ My path for Ancient India is with heart, which makes it a sacred path and my dharma.”


Rachel is a tireless activist for women and children, giving them a voice and helping to create jobs which offer personal and financial independence. Her entrepreneurial passion is shown through teaching the steps of designing the life you wish to live, in ventures from her books to charities she supports and collaborates with. Rachel founded Kindness Is Always Fashionable, a philanthropic platform to help women artisans, around the world, create sustainable income for their families and communities. Rachel nurtures young design talent globally through her work with the Who’s Next/Vogue Mexico, the Wool Mark Prize; celebrating outstanding fashion talents from around the globe and CFDA Fashion Incubator, a business development program for emerging designers. In 2018 Rachel was named a UN Women Champion for Innovation, and works with the United Nations, advocating gender equality to focus attention on these and related issues. She is also an advisor to World of Children, an international, non-profit organization that serves underprivileged children in over 70 countries. She has worked closely for over 15 years with spiritual author Deepak Chopra on mind body and ayurvedic health. As well as Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi who has saved over 85 thousand children from sex trafficking and child slavery.