My Ancient India community,

As I evolve my 20 plus years in the fashion industry into my current life mission, my journey has lead me here. Toward the end of 2019 I won the right to own my name after a year’s long quest, and I asked myself: What do I want. I believe that joy is the only true measure of success. Several years prior to that I made a choice to expand away from that which was not aligned with me in key values in business and to be more present as a mother. I didn’t consider that a sacrifice, I considered it the best thing I could do for the children I helped bring into this world. Therefore better for my soul as well.

The Vedanta says, motherhood is the most noble profession in the world and I agree, yet, what did I now want with my new found ability to work with my name again? The only answers that kept circling me (outside of health and happy children) were freedom, and to help those that were suffering. If I had those things I knew that would be key in eliminating any suffering I would experience as well. I knew they would lead me to a quality of life, of a life well lived.

Around this time I developed a rare disease, Coup De Sabre, with the help of an expert at John Hopkins plus Ayurveda doctors, I began my journey of recovery. I also began studying the ancient wisdom traditions of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science of wellbeing from India. I traveled to the Himalayas to work with expert scientists in the field and over the years grew to deeply understand Ayurveda and what our personal inner pharmacy needs for prime wellbeing. Much of the principles of which had been taught to me by my father growing up. Making a full recovery, which my doctors thought was short of a miracle, it gave me the strength to begin the journey of following my dharma, which led me here; to Ancient India.

I designed this brand based on two values I cared the most about, I would only start a new business if it benefited others with giveback at the heart of the company and I would only build it with the freedom I craved to make the choices I believed best for consumers and our community. Ancient India is luxury organic Ayurvedic skincare that is the best of science and nature. Our glass bottles from Italy are eco conscious, the ingredients are the most powerful nature has to offer, the science is the latest in skin technology, all equaling the best in luxury organic skincare. Both science and ancient wisdom traditions believe that aging is drying up, getting brittle, the key to reverse that is the strongest anti inflammatory ingredients, transported through the #1 delivery system, our skin. Every product was developed and researched over 3 years, guided by both western scientists and ayurvedic scientists.

As the brand grows so will the impact and our ability to serve others on an everyday basis. With every product purchased we are able to help the most vulnerable women and children around the world. I have chosen 4 areas: heart and mind health, women and children affected by slavery and hunger. Please read more about each specific charity on the giveback page. There is a reason we are all here and I don’t believe it is to make a living. I believe it is to serve others through our individual gifts. Through Ancient India, and with you, we are contributing in making a more just, sustainable and peaceful society.And I am teaching my children how to live their dharma whether it seems easy or not.

Love, Rachel Roy


Rachel Roy is a globally recognized designer, prior to launching Ancient India she worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years and continues to do so with over 10 product categories.

In a career that has spanned the globe, the part Indian part Dutch designer spent years practicing and learning, ancient Indian traditions of health and wellness. For years she has been submersed in the teachings of Ayurveda as well as skincare technologies in the US, with the fields’ top minds. She works with leading scientists and doctors in both fields, developing formulations from ancient wisdom traditions and modern science that awaken the skin’s capacity to heal itself; with the goal of helping skin that is inert with aging or other ailments to be made whole again.

Rachel Roy currently resides in CA, where she lives with her family.


Rachel is a tireless activist for women and children, giving them a voice and helping to create jobs which offer personal and financial independence. Her entrepreneurial passion is shown through teaching the steps of designing the life you wish to live, in ventures from her books to charities she supports and collaborates with. Rachel founded Kindness Is Always Fashionable, a philanthropic platform to help women artisans, around the world, create sustainable income for their families and communities. Rachel nurtures young design talent globally through her work with the Who’s Next/Vogue Mexico, the Wool Mark Prize; celebrating outstanding fashion talents from around the globe and CFDA Fashion Incubator, a business development program for emerging designers. In 2018 Rachel was named a UN Women Champion for Innovation, and works with the United Nations, advocating gender equality to focus attention on these and related issues. She is also an advisor to World of Children, an international, non-profit organization that serves underprivileged children in over 70 countries. She has worked closely for over 15 years with spiritual author Deepak Chopra on mind body and ayurvedic health. As well as Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi who has saved over 85 thousand children from sex trafficking and child slavery.


“Timeless beings. Beauty has always been about so much more than my appearance. When I decided to expand, it was because I valued how my business could directly affect others if I was able to keep giveback at the heart of the brand. Thus my skincare needed in the truest sense, to be lead by heart and powered by science. Ensuring the best ingredients are used and no corners cut, with giveback remaining at the heart of everything we do, is my commitment to myself and my community. As I grew in knowledge of the Vedic traditions of India, my identity and my appearance came into alignment. Beauty is so much more than appearance, it's those timeless beings that inspire infinite beauty, strength and integrity, in my mind and my heart, leading to action."