“To age is a luxury, a blessing to watch our children, friends and family grow and live out their lives. In America especially, we have bought into the stories told to us, social constructs that to age should be hidden from the rest of the world. So much so we do not even like to tell people how old we are! Why? I am definitely a better person with each year, a better mother, friend, partner, listener, filled with more patience, understanding, intelligence and compassion. After almost 50 years on Earth, I know that health and joy are the truest forms of success. I know that with a consistent focus on health of mind, heart and beauty, I will begin to look on the outside as good as I feel on the inside. Consistency with skincare routines are vitally important for me.

Do I want to age, yes! May, I be so blessed as to help raise my grandchildren one day. Do I want to look youthful, healthy and joyful while doing so, yes. That is the freedom that Ayurvedic skincare rituals and ingredients have given me, the freedom to age beautifully and gracefully from the inside out.” 

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